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    I love this place! Two thumbs up!

    Mr. Tonino is absolutely lovely. He is so friendly, and kind. He knows my dad loves the fresh bread so he always gives us a few slices complimentary and the excellent olive oil, garlic, and balsamic vinegar spread.

    One time he mistook my order for a Pollo Rustico for the Pollo Sandwich and he gave us the Pollo Sandwich free of charge and made me a fresh Pollo Rustico even when I insisted it was okay! My dad and I were already DONE eating the other sandwich too, but he insisted.

    Such a nice man, he will deliver your food right to you.

    I have tried the Pizza with olive oil, diced tomatoes, basil, and mozarella cheese as well. SO delicious. Sometimes its nice not to eat tomato sauce on your pizza :)

    I also like the Turkey lasagna, super awesome sauce, and healthy alternative.

    My go to sandwich is the Pollo Rustico: grilled chicken pounded thin, super tender, garlic sauteed spinach, and thick slices of fresh mozarella cheese on the WONDERFUL bread. It comes with a salad and it is HUGE. I can only eat maybe half at a time that's why I always share with my dad :) Plus! It is super healthy, I don't feel leaden down after I eat it All for 8.75

    Honestly, it's such an awesome place to go to, it's like fast food but restaurant quality! Also, you will get out without feeling like you're a fatty maximus. Light, fresh, delicioso!

    I love this place! Two thumbs up!

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    ...everything I ordered was absolutely delicious!!

    If you are looking for authentic Italian food Tonino's Place is it! The food is fresh, healthy, and everything I ordered was absolutely delicious!! I would recommend their Fettuccine Antonio, Ensalate Tacchino, and Pizza Bianca ai Prosciutto.

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    This is the real deal.

    Pleasantly surprised. This is the real deal. The Chef is from Italy and has had restaurants in Beverly Hills. There are some real gourmet items on the menu. Had the Veggie Eggplant Panini with Burrata Mozzarella and added Chicken... Incredible and it could feed 2 people. Some really unique pizza's and excellent weekly pasta and salad specials. Also, my daughter is allergic to dairy so she doesn't often get to enjoy pizza, so I brought them soy cheese and they made her a gourmet dairy free pizza.