I love this place! Two thumbs up!

Mr. Tonino is absolutely lovely. He is so friendly, and kind. He knows my dad loves the fresh bread so he always gives us a few slices complimentary and the excellent olive oil, garlic, and balsamic vinegar spread.

One time he mistook my order for a Pollo Rustico for the Pollo Sandwich and he gave us the Pollo Sandwich free of charge and made me a fresh Pollo Rustico even when I insisted it was okay! My dad and I were already DONE eating the other sandwich too, but he insisted.

Such a nice man, he will deliver your food right to you.

I have tried the Pizza with olive oil, diced tomatoes, basil, and mozarella cheese as well. SO delicious. Sometimes its nice not to eat tomato sauce on your pizza 🙂

I also like the Turkey lasagna, super awesome sauce, and healthy alternative.

My go to sandwich is the Pollo Rustico: grilled chicken pounded thin, super tender, garlic sauteed spinach, and thick slices of fresh mozarella cheese on the WONDERFUL bread. It comes with a salad and it is HUGE. I can only eat maybe half at a time that’s why I always share with my dad 🙂 Plus! It is super healthy, I don’t feel leaden down after I eat it All for 8.75

Honestly, it’s such an awesome place to go to, it’s like fast food but restaurant quality! Also, you will get out without feeling like you’re a fatty maximus. Light, fresh, delicioso!

I love this place! Two thumbs up!