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Head Chef

Chef Tonino Morra is honored by GOURMET magazine with ‚Äúmaking the best crust in America‚ÄĚ title. One can enjoy Toninos best pizzas at TONINO‚ÄôS PLACE in woodland Hills (nearest to Calabasas). Morra makes his own authentic thin crust pizza with homemade dough, hand tossed, Napolitana style. He is partnered with Tonino ‚ÄúTony‚ÄĚ Boniovanni, who adds his own family‚Äôs Roman-style dish recipes to the menu.

The pies are cooked in a wood-burning oven instead of gas or electric stoves so the food is well cooked and the taste is revived. The toppings are sprinkled about, not ‚Äúpiled on‚ÄĚ and with no heavy sauce which is healthier as well.

Tonino’s Place is the most happening eateries, a plain wrap, food-driven place with practical prices, generous portions and with the best of its hospitalities. The place is a palatine delight, and carries a perfect indoor as well as outdoor pristine ambience. One can also order online from Tonino’s and enjoy the crispy, chewy, tasty pizza anywhere.

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